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Well, the first day of Cisco Live is now in the books for me.  There have been a few bumps and scrapes on the first day, but all-in-all I would call it a success.
What problems did we encounter on the first day?  Well, it seems as that some of the support staff was not sure of times and hours as well as where the registration line was.  Minor things there, and to be honest that is expected on the first day.  Most of them are locals who have not worked this conference before and need to get familiar with everything as well.
Another problem that we experienced was wireless.   The CiscoLive SSID was not working for the first hour or so of class.  Not sure what happened, but they did get it fixed quickly and we where back up and running.  What was impressive about the wireless was the speed, there was no problems there at all.  I ran a speed-test report and was pulling 13megs on my iPad.

The rest of the day was uneventful, which is a good thing.  My CCDE class was wonderful – Russ White was one of the presenters for the class.  If you do not know of Russ, you know of his work.  He is one of the people who have written CCIE labs for probably all tracks, the CCDE tests, as well as I am sure he is part of the CCA board.  Russ is an ubergeek without question.
The rest of the night, well lets just say if you see my tweets on Twitter, you know we had a good time.  And that is the other part about Cisco Live that some people seem to miss.  It is a chance and a time to meet new friends, have a good time, and enjoy renewing friendships from previous years.
Later on I will try to blog some excerpts from my classes, especially the 8-hour CCDE one that I took on Sunday.