EX4400 VC Ports Conversation

This week I am in the Juniper Campus Networks with Mist AI ( JCMA ) course and going over the labs. I ran into a problem where the EX4400-24T et-0/1/0 and et-1/1/1 ports did not appear in in the Junos configuration nor the Mist portal. The configuration was in the portal via the templates, but the ports did not exist on the switch.

I have seen similar conditions as these ports can also be used for the Virtual Chasis (VC) ports. What I did find interesting is that the normal way I have always changed VC-Ports on Junos did not work.

First, let us look at the vc-ports on this EX4400-24T:

lab@ex2> show virtual-chassis vc-port 
Interface   Type              Trunk  Status       Speed        Neighbor
or                             ID                 (mbps)       ID  Interface
PIC / Port
1/0         Configured         -1    Down         50000
1/1         Configured         -1    Down         50000
1/2         Configured         -1    Down         50000
1/3         Configured         -1    Down         50000

As you can see, we have 4 VC-Ports configured on Pic 1 – Ports 0-3.

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