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Since Cisco posted that picture the other day, you know this one:

Well, since that picture was posted there has been some buzz around the chassis in the twitter feeds.  Not much is officially know about this box – but the picture above proves it does exist.  Not only that, I recall seeing a picture from Cisco Live 2011 – London where the EMC booth had one of these Nexus 7009 looking switches in their booth.  Well here is some additional information that I have located using the assumed part number of N7K-C7009
On Cisco’s website they have a MIB posted called CISCO-ENTITY-VENDORTYPE-OID-MIB.my (clicking on that MIB will allow you to view/download it – original link here ).  From what I can gather in the MIB – the Nexus 7009 will have the new Fabric-2 cards, no Fab-1 cards are even listed for this chassis.  When you search the MIB, you can find the following information:
cevChassisN7Kc7009              OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { cevChassis 932 }  — N7K-C7009 nexus-9-slot chassis
cevBackplaneN7Kc7009                    OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { cevBackplane 57 }       — MosPort9 N7K-C7009 Nexus-9-slot-backplane
cevFanN7Kc7009FanTray           OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { cevFan 129 } — N7K-C7009-FAN  Trinacria-fan-nexus9slot
cevN7Kc7009Fab2         OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { cevModuleN7KType 14 }           — dijon9 N7K-C7009-FAB2 Fabric for Nexus7000 9slot boxster
Bonus information contained within the MIB is information on the, yet unannounced, Nexus 7006!
Granted, this is only speculation and such – but the MIB information matches what the 7009 has as well.  Only time will tell if this is true.
cevChassisN7Kc7006              OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { cevChassis 1054 } — Nexus7000 6slot elsie n7k chassis N7K-C7006
cevBackplaneN7Kc7006                    OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { cevBackplane 60 }       — Nexus7000 6slot elsie n7k backplane N7K-C7006
cevFanN7Kc7006FanTray           OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { cevFan 147 } — N7K-C7006-FAN  fan for nexus 6slot-chassis
I also did some searching and found this list of Nexus 7009 Part Numbers, and my assumed descriptions (in blue) of what they are.
N7K-C7009-ACC-KIT    Nexus 7009 Accessory Kit
N7K-C7009-BSK             Nexus 7009 Bottom Support Kit
N7K-C7009-CAB-TOP    Nexus 7009 Top section Cable Management?
N7K-C7009-CM-BLK      Nexus 7009 Cable Management Blank?  Unknown
N7K-C7009-F-BLANK  Nexus 7009 Fabric Blank Interface ?
N7K-C7009-FAB-2        Nexus 7009 Fabric 2 Card
N7K-C7009-FAN            Nexus 7009 Fan Tray
N7K-C7009-FD-MB       Nexus 7009 Front Dook Kit
N7K-C7009-L                  Nexus 7009 License
N7K-C7009-RMK           Nexus 7009 Rack Mount Kit
N7K-C7009-SHPPKG    Nexus 7009 Shipping package
N7K-C7009-XL               Nexus 7009 XL
L-N7K-C7009-XL           Nexus 7009 Scalable Feature License (allows XL featuers without requiring a hardware module change)
Another part-number that I have found that is NOT referenced on the Cisco site is this 5.6KW power supply. Wonder if the 7009 can support a smaller power supply, or this is for the Nexus 7006
N7K-AC-5.6KW         5.6kW AC Power Supply