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Well the day has finally come, it is time for Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.  Everything here is looking great, things are still getting setup but the Wireless is up and working, registration opened early, and I am set to go.
So, the big question every year is what does the bag look like?  Well, here is your answer – looks great! Tom ( @NetworkingNerd) mentioned to me that these are the TSA Friendly backpack bags, AWESOME!  What is a TSA Friendly bag? Well, you can check the TSA website for exact details – link – but in short they are bags where the laptop storage section open like a butterfly to go through x-ray without having to remove the laptop from the bag.
So, here are pics of the bag.  It is black, orange, and gray – not a bad color combination at all!


This is the Butterfly open view for the TSA security

Again, we get a 2G USB drive with all the presentations on it.

Again, they have written a nice interface to the drive so you can easily search for the session you need – or you can always browse the ContentsPaper Folder if you want to look for them yourself.

In the bag you get your typical assorted flyers and hand-outs, you can see what is there – all the normal items that one expects to see.

And finally at registration you will get your badge.  What is interesting this year is that the NetVet lanyard is Orange – goes well with the conference colors.

If you notice, I have a small Capt Kirk with french fries badge on my lanyard – something unique!
See you soon!