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A few weeks ago a few of us on Twitter where having some fun with technology and talking about the closing keynote speaker, William Shatner, and his history and his fame with Star Trek.  What came out of all of that tweeting was a shirt design that reflected memorable Star Trek terms with the Nexus 7000.  Since it was proving difficult to get the shirt printed through on-line means,  I decided to make one myself – and add in a few other geeky items.
So, without further ado, here is the shirt and all the fun stuff that is on it!
Front of shirt playing off the movie phrase “Scotty, we need more power” by Capt. Kirk

And then on the back we have

We have the USS Nexus NCC-7000 with a picture of the Nexus line.
The other images there are the ones are (Left to right) Wireless over Token Ring, QR Code for this site, and the Fiber Channel over Token Ring logo.
It is all in good fun – need to have a good laugh at the show.
And if you see me at the show in the shirt, feel free to say HI!