So who is the Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee?  That is simple – not me nor my good friend, Tom – but Carole Warner Reece – as has been announced on the Newsroom site at Cisco (LINK)

Denise, John, and Carole (da winner!)

To be honest, I have to agree with them on this one as Carole has been attending for over 10 years now, had had her CCIE for over 10 years, and works for a company that only continues to help the event with their quality employees.  I want to congratulate here and say WELL DESERVED!  She is more of a die hard fan then I am, heck she even wore a Star Trek shirt to the closing keynote with William Shatner, she has earned her title!
It looks like Tom and I made a nice showing and got some great press from Cisco for our submissions.  Me for my blog posts, and Tom for his uber nerdy video taken with his Cisco CIUS tablet. You can see his blog post on his feeling here.
Oh, if you just want to see the video – here you go!

Again, congratulations Carole!