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I just got my invitation to the next Tech Field Day, well actually Network Field Day #2, and I cannot tell you how excited I am, as well as humbled to be asked to attend.
My first experience with Tech Field Day was back in February of this year when I attended Tech Field Day #5. That event was more data center focused and was something that I will never forget. I learned quite a bit about a lot of technologies and companies that I was not overly familiar with. It was amazing to see how far some of the technology has come so fast, it was just mind melting. There where some topics that where right up my alley with regards to expertise, and those I learned even more about. It was an experience that I was hoping I would get a chance to experience again, and thankfully I will.


This event will be a Networking focused event and is being held on October 27 and 28 in lovely San Jose, CA. Some of the already named vendors who will be presenting include Brocade, Cisco, Embrane, Gigamon, Juniper, and NEC. Those are some BIG names in the networking world, and knowing what we saw and learned at TFD5, I can tell you that this one is going to be awesome! What is even more impressive to me is the list of delegates at this event – these are people and peers who I have great respect for. The list includes:

Kurt Bales Network Janitor @NetworkJanitor
   Ethan Banks  PACKETattack @ECBanks
   Tony Bourke  The Data CenterOverlords  @TBourke
   Brandon Carroll  BrandonCarrollGlobalConfig  @BrandonCarroll
   Greg Ferro  EtherealMind
Packet Pushers
   Jeremy L Gaddis  Evil Routers @JLGaddis
   Tom Hollingsworth  The Networking
   Ivan Peplnjak  Cisco IOS Hints
and Tricks
   Mrs. Y  Packet Pushers  @MrsYisWhy

This is shaping to be an epic event and one that I am very excited to be invited to attend. I cannot wait to see what I learn as well as what I will be able to share as well.
A special thank you for the invitation goes to Stephen Foskett, his team, and a humble thank you to my peers.