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Well, it has finally come time for me to make a new start in my professional life. Recently I have resigned from my position – Manager of US Network Engineering -at my former employer, KGB. Now, I work for NTT America (www.ntta.com) as Senior Network Engineer, Data Center Services (www.dedicatedserver.com ) . In my new role I will be working with some of the latest technology, cutting edge soltions, data center design, and just all around uber geek stuff. This will be a big change from what I was doing – Managing a team as well as being the Sr Network Engineer, but NTTA is the right place for me to be.

I have neglected the blog for a few weeks and now I hope you understand why. Transitioning from one job to another can be difficult at best – I was with KGB for over 12 years. I wanted to make sure that the team that is left behind had the knowledge, to the best of their ability, to understand some of what was done and what is being done. They are in the middle of a huge data center project right now, and losing any member of a team is difficult, so I wanted to make sure that they would be OK.

I am back now, so it is time to get the party started!

Thank you.