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Well, Cisco Live 2012 is only a week away – and where has the time gone! Since we are now oh so close to the event, I figured I would post a quick – know before you go post.
There will be no USB drive this year with the presentations on it (boo!), so you will need to download them now so you have them for the sessions. In order to download them, you need to go to log into your scheduler at https://www.ciscolive2012.com/scheduler/catalog.do and then select the PDF icon next to your scheduled sessions. (Circled in RED in the below pic)


My suggestion is to download them to a location like Dropbox (http://db.tt/zjuOs7o) so that you can access them from anywhere. I personally download them to Dropbox and then sync the dropbox to my iPad GoodReader application. Works like a charm! If you have not guessed, I do not carry a laptop during the event, an iPad is sufficient.
Leave some extra space in your luggage. Do not underestimate the potential for free stuff from some of the vendors. Normally you will get about a dozen shirts from the World of Solutions, pleny of swag there as well, probably a free hat at the Customer Appreciation Event, and you might even choose to bring home things for co-workers of family.
Leaving some extra room in your luggage now never hurts.
Make sure you have good shoes with you. There will be alot of walking between sessions, venues, and events. You will be surprised the amount of walking that you will actually do!
Download the confernece guide from http://www.ciscolive.com/us/docs/CL12ConferenceGuide.pdf It has the weekly schedule as well as other information pertinent to the event. Since it is a PDF, just toss it in your Dropbox folder so you can grab it whenever you need it.
Pack a camera. You will meet new friends and make new memories. What better way then to capture them with a camera. Also, never know who you might meet there – so having a camera is always good!
Install the Cisco Live conference mobile apps! This app has YOUR schedule on it (once you login of course), the session catalog, social networks, evaulations, and GAMING (yes, there is a game that happens during the event).
iPhone/iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cisco-live-2012-us/id527328557?mt=8
Blackberry: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/113534/?lang=en
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.activenetwork.mobile.ciscolive2012&hl=en
Oh, one more thing to remember – register when you get there!
Per the e-mail: Onsite check-in and badge pickup will be open Saturday, June 9th -Thursday, June 14th in San Diego’s Convention Center, Lower Level, Lobby D. For hours, please go to the agenda page on our website: http://www.ciscolive.com/us/details/week-at-a-glance/
And if you have not added your Twitter handle to your badge, read the post here that discusses it: https://www.fryguy.net/2012/05/19/cisco-live-2012-san-diego-tweetups/
See you in a few days!

One last thing, if you need transportation to and from the airport, I suggest SuperShuttle. (http://www.supershuttle.com/).  I have used them in the past and already have them scheduled for this trip.  They will pick you up at the airport, take you to your hotel, then back again as per your schedule.  They are not expensive at all and are very convenient.  Just be aware that this is a shuttle and you will be making multiple stops to drop other people off as well.  But for the price (I paid $8 each way), its hard to beat.
I am in no way affiliated with SuperShuttle nor paid by them to say this, this is my opinion and my opinion only.