Well it is getting close to that time of year and we are just a little over 90 days away from the Cisco Live event – wow, can you believe it, where has time gone?!?!
In case you have missed it, I posted some information on the Keynote and the CAE a few months ago – you can read that post here:
Now let us get on with this post and some updates:
First up – Tom (@networkingnerd) has a Twitter List going again. Tom put it best by saying:

The Cisco Live Twitter List has been going strong for the last few years. This list exists for all the networkers using Twitter that would like to see who else is attending. Twitter is not only a great way to keep in touch outside of Cisco Live, but it serves a great function during the event. By following people that are attending, you can use Twitter to coordinate events, catch up after hours, and even use direct messages (DMs) to communicate when the local cellular network inevitably fails due to the influx of 20,000 extra people.

You can add yourself to the list by clicking on the NERD icon below:


Next up – It seems that the session list has been published and shared – you can view it here (Thank you to @someclown for the post on PacketQueue.Net)
He has also reported that the session scheduler will open March 26th for the general public and March 19th for NetVets. If you are not familiar with what NetVet is, it is a person who has attended at least 3 of the last 5 Cisco Live events. We usually have a different colour lanyard at the event – in the past it has been either Orange or Red. If you have a question, problem, or general confusion – most of us will be glad to help you out.
I was able to find the exhibitor list and the map of World Of Solutions and published a picture below. I have marked out the Cisco Live T-Shirt location (booth 1711 on the right), The WISP Labs (Booth 158 on the top), and the Certification Lounge (booth 002) on the bottom left. The Certification Lounge is where, if you are a CCIE, you can pick up your CCIE Ribbon.
WoS Layout Labeled
If you are not familiar with the CCIE Ribbon, below is a picture of what it looks like. You can only get this if you are a CCIE. If you have more then one CCIE, you can have as many flags as you have CCIEs. You will see a few people with a long trail of them, simply amazing!


As for those Twitter @ Ribbons, Tom and I will have them – just come find us for one!
The Orange County Convention Center is HUGE – do not underestimate the value of comfortable shoes and socks here! Below is a picture of the space, you can just imaging how much walking you have ahead of you here! Do not worry, they provide plenty of time between sessions to get from Point A to Point B.

N-S Interior Concourse Level

Now for some speculation – below is a map from Cisco Live 2008 -You can click on it to make it larger.
What is shows you, again, there are a few levels


From what I can gather from the Exhibitor section of the Cisco Live Site, is the following:

Meet the Expert / Engineer – Location West Hall A – WA2
NetVet Lounge – Says Ghost Booth! Oooh – guess we will have to wait and see where the FourSquare Mayorship battle will be! ( I am talking to you, Bryan! @bbaize)
Cisco Store – West Concourse
Cisco Table Topics – West Hall B– WB4 (This is probably where the food will be too!)
Lastly, I know some of you run ( @amyengineer ) and the Convention Center has posted a link to a PDF that shows the running paths around the convention center.


If you still have yet to register, there is still time – just click on this link and register away! Hope to see you there!