Love to blog?  Going to Cisco Live in June? Want to have a chance to win a free four-hour lab or technical session?  Well then, read on!

Oh, and if you have never taken a 4–hour lab or technical session, they are wonderful.  These are sessions that cost extra and are not part of the normal conference fee.  I believe they are to take place on Sunday, June 23rd.

Cisco Live is running a Blogger contest right now about Attending Cisco Live: How Did You Convince Your Boss.

All you need to do is tell them, in a blog post, what you did to convice your boss to send you.  Maybe you promised to walk his dog, get him coffee, show up for work on-time, could be anything!

There is only one thing you need to do before you publish you post is contact them at cisco_social_media_for_events@external.cisco.com and receive a tracking URL.  That is all!

From the Contest webiste on the details:

The Details
To be eligible for the contest, your blog post needs to include a link to the Cisco Live website. Email Us to get a tracking URL for CiscoLive.com that we can use to determine the winner of the contest.

The contest starts on 24 April 2013 and the blog with the most registrations (or clicks if there are no registrations) as of 8 May 2013 using the tracking URL we provide will be the big winner. But let’s face it: anyone who attends Cisco Live is a winner.