The time has finally arrived, the time that we find out the WHERE, and more importantly, the WHO the Cisco Live Customer Appreciation Event (CAE) will be.
So, as you can tell by the image above,  the CAE will be at the home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants,  AT&T Park.  This is not the first time we have been at a ball field for the CAE either.  Back in 2o12 at the Cisco Live San Diego, the CAE was held at the PETCO park and it was a blast! There is plenty of space at the parks and they are very well planned (also with lots of bathrooms!)  I am really looking forward to a spectacular event – so far every year Cisco has outdone the previous years event.  Last year we had Universal Studios Orlando, and that is a tough one to top, but I have faith that they will top it this year!
Who is going to be helping us to FLY AWAY?  I can tell you that he is no AMERICAN WOMAN but I’LL BE WAITING! If those songs don’t give it away, maybe this video will help.

Well, if you have not figured it out, it will be none other than the Grammy Award winning Lenny Kravitz!  Lenny will be taking the stage to get our party started that evening.  Some of the accolades that Lenny has include the Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance four years in a row (1999-2002), Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters (link), and for us Hunger Game fans, he plays the role of Cinna in the movie.
Image courtesy of Cisco Live
After Lenny finishes taking the stage, there will be some special Rock ‘N Roll tricks during the half-time show.  They are saying that we will want to be on the field or somewhere you can watch it after he is done.  What this is, I guess we will have to wait to be surprised!
So, are you feeling Radioactive for another Grammy Award winning band?  Want some fist pumping music to continue the CAE rock evening?  Well,  after the half time show, we will have Imagine Dragons taking the stage!
They have been taking the world by storm since their 2012 debut album, Continued Silence.  In 2013, they received acclaims from Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, as well as MTV.  I am really excited to be able to see them love at Cisco Live this year.  Here is their video, Radioactive, for your entertainment.
So that is what I know about the CAE right now.  I am really looking forward to another opportunity to stand on the field at a major league ballpark.  We can all enjoy some of the great Ballpark food and drink in the atmosphere of this world class stadium. 
As always, this promises to be an evening of music, networking, and pyrotechnics to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Cisco Live!  
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