Watching all the tweets and e-mails, Cisco Live is getting close!
There are few fun updates that I wanted to share with you, and by fun I mean FUN AND GAMES! First up… Monday Night Lego Mania!

On Monday night, the opening night of World of Solutions, you can collect Lego pieces from Gold Sponsors booths.  When you collect the Legos, you then turn the pieces into the Social Media Hub and you will be entered to win a Lego Mindstorms kit.   Next up, the Yellow Cape contest!


This is a daily contest where winners are selected based on what they share on the daily topic.  The week layout is as follows:
Sunday –  Best Pre-Show Content
Monday –  Best John Chambers Keynote Content
Tuesday –  Best World of Solutions Insights and Content
Wednesday –  Best Technology Trends Keynote Insights and Content
Winners will be actually receive a yellow cape after they are selected at 6PM and a trading card to be made available at 8AM the following morning!  (Hmm, that sounds interesting!)


It’s back!  Last year, on a whim, I proposed a Photo Scavenger Hunt in order to have some fun, and  turns Cisco gravitated to it and helped to make it a huge success!  Well, for 2014 it is back –  and is it ever!  Cisco will be offering daily prizes as well a grand prize.  The total value for all the prizes is around $7,000!  The Social Media Hub will have more information on this contest.
Well that covers all the news that I have right now –  really looking forward to all the new social interaction contests!