Ok, that video probably dates me a bit, and that is OK.  This will be my 9th consecutive time attending Cisco Live (aka Networkers).  Just a few final things to share before the event kicks off.
The other day I received an e-mail from Cisco Live with a special announcement.  It reads:
This is a special announcement for all Cisco Live lab and technical seminar attendees and speakers.
Sunday morning please expect traffic delays in San Francisco due to the annual Bay to Breakers race.  Howard Street outside of the Moscone Center will be closed from 3rd Street to 9th Street from 6am – 11am and you will not be albe to cross Howard Street between Moscone Center North and Moscone Center South during this time.  If you are commuting into the city on Sunday, we highly recommend using public transportation.  If you are staying at a hotel on our shuttle bus route bus service will continue as scheduled, but buses will be dropping off on Mission Street where we will have staff to direct you to Moscone North.
Please allow for extra time at registration and getting to your scheduled session.
We look froward to seeing you in San Francisco!
Cisco Live Content Team
A crude map of the race can be seen here in red:

MosconeB2BMapIf you are looking for a better map (navigable one at that) you can check it out at Map My Run
So what it is saying, be prepared for some traffic situations and issues on Sunday –  plan accordingly and give yourself some extra time to get to the venue.  You do not want to be late for your Techtorials!
Next up –  if you have not installed the Cisco Live App yet, you should take a moment and do that.  For some information on app, check out my post from the other week –  https://www.fryguy.net/2014/05/02/ciscolive-mobile-app/.  The reason I am mentioning this again is because I was looking over the app again this weekend.  What I noticed is that you can actually click on My Agenda
2014-05-12 08.05.05
Then go into your session…
2014-05-12 08.11.12
And then select MAP to see where it is at!  That is really cool!!! In fact, the room you need to go to is actually flashing on the map.  VERY NICE!
2014-05-12 08.05.27
After your session, you can also do your surveys here!
2014-05-12 08.06.05
But the biggest piece, and one that I am sure certain people will be interested in (ahem, Swackhammer) is the Games and Prizes section. While all the details not all listed there, you can start to plan your strategy for the games!  Just think, if @amyengineer brings a bow – some of us can sure say to one another  “…may the odds be ever in your favor” ― Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games
2014-05-12 08.06.17
That about covers it for me until the event is here.  Hope to see you in a week!
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I will close out with this video …