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2014-12-13 14.29.54

Ah, finally -my camera as arrived. I ordered my Seek Thermal Camera from Amazon for iPhone back in October 2014, and due to some issues between Apple and Seek over the Hardware Certification, the shipments had been delayed.

Since it is here I can now show you the unboxing of the camera.
Front of the box:
2014-12-13 14.29.54

Back of the box:
2014-12-13 14.30.04
Side of the box with the magnetic clip to open it (nice touch!)
2014-12-13 14.30.00
There is a nice presentation when you open the box.  You can see the information on the camera as well as the camera itself.
2014-12-13 14.30.21
Here is a close-up of the camera in the box.
What you cannot see in this picture is the carry case for the camera as it is underneath the words on the package.
2014-12-13 14.30.27
To open the package you need to pull this tab.  This will remove the plastic cover.
2014-12-13 14.32.07
Once removed you can now see the case for the camera.
2014-12-13 14.32.54
It is a nice case, but a pain to open!
2014-12-13 14.33.03
Once you open it there is a key-ring in there to use with it. Not sure what that is for yet though.
2014-12-13 14.36.22
Here is a nice close-up of the camera.  So this proves they do exist!
2014-12-13 14.34.23
As you can see, the camera fits in the case really nicely.
2014-12-13 14.36.47
Now you can install the app as it is available from iTunes right now.
2014-12-13 14.30.43
Once installed and run, you can either login, sign-up, or continue as guest.
2014-12-13 14.30.48
Once you have move passed the sign-up or sign-up later options, the app asks for you to connect the camera.
2014-12-13 14.48.44
Now here is where I ran into a problem.  I connected the camera, but the app never saw it.
I tried my wife’s iPhone as well, same results.
Currently it is not working with my iPhone (8.1.2) nor my wife’s (7.1.1) nor my iPad air (8.1.2).  I am not sure if this is due to a hardware approval issue with the camera and how the app is accessing the hardware or I got a bum camera.  As I said, Seek is supposedly not shipping these cameras yet, but Amazon is.
I have already contacted Seek Thermal support, but the auto response for the ticket says their support hours are Monday through Friday, 8–5 Pacific Time.   Worse case scenario I have until January to return the camera to Amazon, but I am hoping that Seek Thermal will be able to assist.
I will update this post once I hear back from them as well as get the camera working.
I am looking forward to having  this camera work as it will allow me to check things on the house. Things like air leaks, any water damage that I am not aware of, and who knows what else.  Again, you can purchase on Amazon.
12/15/2014 – Update…
Seek Thermal has gotten back to me around 7PM Eastern today and they suspect that the camera is DOA.  They have offered to open an RMA process so I can send it to them so that, in their words, “can initiate the RMA for you so that the techs can evaluate the camera and send out a replacement.”  I have instead chosen to have it replaced via Amazon – and I will have the replacement camera on Wednesday, Dec 17th and will be able to return the bad one to them for free. I would have been happy to return it to Seek, but was concerned that I would lose my ability to return it to Amazon if I continue to have issues.
12/21/2015 – Update…
I received the new camera from Amazon and it works beautifully.  Guess the  first one I received was DOA.  Seek thermal did get back  to me about my response on Friday and they understood my reasoning.  Their support does seem a bit slow to get back to you via e-mail, so I would suggest calling them if you get a camera and have problems.
Now for the pictures…
This is a thermal picture of the mini-split heater/ac that I have installed int eh basement.  You can see the hot air coming out of the unit in this image.
Taken with iPhone 5s(GSM),iOS 8.1.2
Took picture of the kids on their computers and had the app set to tell me the temperature at a given point.
Taken with iPhone 5s(GSM),iOS 8.1.2
This is looking at the furnace and having the camera display the high and low temperatures in an image.Taken with iPhone 5s(GSM),iOS 8.1.2
Overall I am pleased with the camera and how it works.  It has helped me to identify some windows in the basement that need to be addressed.  The one complaint that I do have is that the color gradient in the images is sometimes misleading.  The image does not always take into account the distance from the hottest point to the furthest point ( many of my images had been taken from 10-20′ away).  It is probably more my lack of knowledge with the camera/application though.
If you get one, enjoy!