Day two is now in the books, and all I have to say is What a Keynote!  I have been coming to Cisco Live for over 10 years now and I will say that this keynote did have something special to it.  I think knowing that this was his list keynote as CEO of Cisco, it just had something extra to, maybe it was OK GO opening up, maybe it was the seating, or just the energy in the room.  Mr. Chambers owned the room and engaged with the people in the audience.
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His successor, Chuck Robbins, was able to do a nice tribute video to Mr. Chambers that covers many of the keynotes, Netvet receptions, and World of Solutions engagements over the past years. Mr. Robbins is preparing to take Cisco into the future of this industry and help it to maintain its leadership.

A BIG surprise this year was the surprise announcement of our host, Karen Walker. Ms. Walker is listed as the CMO at Cisco, which curious enough was Ms. Christie‘s title. Perhaps this is all part of Mr. Robbins new vision for Cisco.  Guess we will see as we wait for an official announcement.
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What is curious about this change is that, just a few weeks ago @CiscoLive account on twitter tweeted this:

Just to be clear though, I still miss Carlos Dominguez 🙂
Update 8:12a PST
Scratch this below part, the NetVet reception is on Wednesday. Normally it is the same night as the CCIE Reception. Starting to figure out why things are off, they changed up the “normal” schedule! 😉
I am looking forward to Day Three as tomorrow is the CCIE Party, but more importantly it is the CCIE/CCDE NetVet reception with John Chambers.  Really looking forward to that and our chance to thank him for all his support over the years.
Until tomorrow….