Continuing with the Cisco Live theme I wanted to blog briefly on a great, and best of all, FREE resource that Cisco Live has provided. The resource that I am referring to is the Cisco Live On-demand Library.
The Cisco Live On-demand Library is a wonderful resource, and as I mentioned – free.  This resource has most of the past Cisco Live sessions (currently 2012 London to 2017 Melbourne) available for streaming.  You can find a session, technology, or topic that interests you and actually watch and listen to the Cisco Live presentation.  Even the presentation is typically available in PDF format.
You do not need an account to browse the content, but you do need an account to play the media.  Setting up an account is free and simple, just click on Login and then Create an Account. You do not need to have ever attended a Cisco Live event to access this material.  If you have attended Cisco Live in the past, you can use that login to gain access to the library.

I am personally preparing for some additional Cisco certifications and have been relying on Cisco Live On-Demand library for much of the learning.  For example, the Cisco CCDE pre-qualification exam has a matrix published on the Cisco Learning Network that covers the topics on the exam as well as their associated Cisco Live presentation.  They also have a nice matrix for the Evolving Technologies published that may be good for other Cisco written exams.
You can also use the Cisco Live On-demand Library to further your knowledge in other areas.  Heard of a new technology and you want to understand it, good chance it has been covered at a Cisco Live event. Have you been assigned to work on a new project and are nervous about a technology?  Check out the on-demand to bring you knowledge up to speed.
Just wanted to share this resource with you as I suspect it is widely overlooked.
Hoping to see you at CLUS this year! There is still plenty of time to register – so go register!