It is time for a Cisco Live update… and this update has some information about the Cisco Store, contests, and what everyone is waiting for, the CAE headliner over at the T-Mobile Arena!

Once again this year Cisco Live will be giving out daily Amazon Gift Cards to people who submit their best photos/videos/gifs on Twitter and Instagram with the tag of #CLUS.  You can snap a photo around the Cisco Live sign, Super Hero Cape and Mask, Keynotes, Cisco Hat, Tiles, just about anything.  This is a great contest – and the prizes are awesome!
For the overly ambitious people, create an album and share that with the #CLUS tag as well!  They are rumored to be giving away a 2018 Social Pass to their favorite album!  Now that is a cool prize!

You want to wear the Mask and Cape this year (rumored picture above)?  Well, that will take some high-quality social media sharing.  Do your best and you may be the Super Hero you always wanted to be! (Oh, and there may be another prize that comes with the Cape as well..shhh!)
Unable to go to Cisco Live this year, well Cisco has not forgotten about you.  Just like the Daily Contest for best photos/videos, the person who shares the most each day during Cisco Live could win an Amazon Gift card on Thursday.  So feel free to stream the keynotes, tweet the happenings, and share in the fun with your fellow Networkers!

One of the coolest things in the Cisco Store last year was a Ciscan Figure (they resemble a name-brand building block type figure) and they are rumored to be making a comeback this year.  But instead of only having one option, we should have some more – and even a Certified Expert one as well.  I suspect that one will sell like hot-cakes!  Wonder if we will also see a Super Hero one, never know!

So there was a mention of Tiles earlier and I am sure you are wondering “Whats up with that?!”  Well, I am here to tell you that Cisco is using our energy to give back to education in Nepal.  How so?  Well, these kinetic tiles count the steps of people who walk over them and then those steps are used to generate energy!  The goal for this yes is 1 Million Steps – I say we can double that!  If we have near the numbers of attendees from last year, that is only 40 steps per person to reach the 1 Million step goal – let’s at least double that goal!

Ok, let’s cover the elephant in the room – who is headlining the CAE over at the T-Mobile Arena this year.  Peter Hernandez is an American singer-songwriter that comes from a family of musicians.  He originally started out impersonating Elvis Presley when he was young and that had a huge impact on his life.  Today we know him better for his own work – the CAE headliner is none other than Bruno Mars!
There is still time to register – just head on over and register!