Quick update – scheduler goes live on 23-Apri-2019. I posted this a day early – guess I just wanted to get the jump on everyone!

Today is the day that most of the Cisco Live attendees are waiting for – the day that the schedule goes live! You can access it here (you may be prompted for CLUS login).

Some of the sessions that I would suggest are:

The social aspect of Networkers, err, Cisco Live is one of the key aspect and take-away for me. I have met many wonderful people there who have become great friends. This part of CLUS cannot be overlooked. So make sure you sign up for the Arrival Tweetup for sure!
Arrival Tweetup – SOCGEN-1000
Departure Tweetup – SOCGEN-1001

New to CLUS? This session is a must for any first timers. It is basically orientation on how things work and such. Traditionally this is run by NetVets ( people who have attended many many times) and will give advice based on their experiences.
New Attendee Orientation – NEWGEN-1001

Just about any DevNet session is good – just be aware that these fill up fast and, even registrations doe not guarantee a seat. These are not the traditional CLUS classes – they are more active training.

General Classes:
Techniques of a Network Detective – BRKRST-2002
Denise’s class is wonderful and will help you troubleshooting network issues.

Troubleshooting with Wireshark – BRKRST-1401
Troubleshooting with Wireshark is fundamental for an engineer to know.

Cisco Catalyst 3850/3650 Switching Architecture – BRKARC-3438
This is just a suggestion, but any hardware architecture class is amazing. You have a chance to learn the inner workings of a switch at a level that is just amazing. It will definitely help your troubleshooting skills.

Other things to consider are the Walk-In Self Paced sessions (WISP). They are all labeled LABCRS from what I can tell, take a look at the list on Cisco Live and see what you like. They have a TON to choose from.

There are tons of good sessions in the catalog, yet these are the ones I just wanted to call out as I have attended them and enjoyed them. This is just my opinion and view – take a look at the scheduler and find classes that interest you!

If you have not registered yet, there is still time! Head on over to CiscoLive.com and register! Oh, and if you are looking for CAE information- you can find that here.