It seems as though Juniper Network Certification Program (JNCP) has been busy! As of today ( 6-May-2019 ) they tweeted that they have updated the JNCIE Emeritus certification.

Prior to this, similar to Cisco CCIE Emeritus, you had to enroll to be a JNCIE Emeritus. Now, based on that tweet and the post over at the Juniper Forums, you are automatically given the title of Emeritus on your 9th anniversary. The best part – it is FREE!

The post reads:

The Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) is pleased to announce updates to our Emeritus Program!
Effective immediately, all active JNCIE certifications will be automatically enrolled into the Emeritus program on the 9th anniversary of their active date. As with before, candidates may maintain an active JNCIE certification after Emeritus enrollment if they wish to do so. If a candidate with an active Emeritus certification let his/her corresponding JNCIE certification expire after it was enrolled into the Emeritus program, he/she may reactivate the related JNCIE certification by meeting any of the existing expert-level recertification requirements.
Additionally, we eliminated the annual requirement to re-enroll into the Emeritus program and have configured the Emeritus designation so that it never expires! Note the Emeritus status alone does still not provide any of the benefits associated with an active JNCIE certification, such as partner compliance.
And the best part is that enrollment into our Emeritus program will continue to be free! It’s our way of recognizing and thanking those of you who have maintained an active expert-level certification for so long.

This is pretty awesome – you are automatically Emeritus on your 9th anniversary, so you won’t have to worry about renewing your certification if you don’t want to – greatly reducing the risk of losing it!

I have a few years yet to be eligible for Emeritus, but this is a nice step. Now – maybe Cisco will do something similar soon. (NUDGE NUDGE)