I know we all have our cloudy day (some of us more than others) yet if you are a cloud expert now is your opportunity to prove it. Juniper has announced a new expert-level certification called JNCIE-Cloud.

Now if you are like me, you are probably like what the heck and why do we need this. Why do we need an expert level on cloud certification? Well when you start to consider the number of companies today that are moving to a hybrid cloud data center, it does make sense. The challenge that companies face to intelligently integrate the public and private clouds is staggering.

The full syllabus for the JNCIE-Cloud can be found here, I have pulled out some of the top-line topics and listed them below:

  • Orchestration
    • OpenStack
    • VMware
    • Kubernetes
  • Fabric Automation Using Contrail Command
    • Fabric Automation Functions
    • Provision new IP fabric
    • Onboard an existing IP fabric
    • Interconnect data centers
  • Contrail Networking
    • Overlay to Underlay connectivity
    • vRouter
    • Create or Configure Tenants
    • IP Fabric network
    • Overlay load balancing
    • Service Chains
    • Troubleshooting an overlay network
  • Multicloud
    • Interconnect a private enterprise data center with public clouds
  • Contrail Security
    • Contrail Security
    • Troubleshoot Contrail Security issues
  • Monitoring Analytics and Telemetry
    • AppFormix for monitoring SDN components
    • AppFormix for debugging purposes

Stefan Fouant (4xJNCIE) tweeted this the other week and it caught my attention. I suspect based on some past tweets that he was involved in some aspects of this certification. So a tweet that talks about Contrail Enterprise Multicloud labs might be a good one to look at if you are interested in this certification.

I logged into the vLabs to see what this lab would look like. Below is the diagram for the vLabs Sandbox: Contrail Enterprise Multicloud. Looking at what the activity guide, while not JNCIE level, it looks to be a great way to get started on this certification path!

Is this a certification that you might be interested in? If so it will be available at Juniper NXTWORK this year!