J. Gimeno Guerri


Arboleda, J. Gimeno Guerri, 1978 – Measures 65″ x 53″, Oil on Cavas

This is a painting by J. Gimeno Guerri titled Arboleda and was painted in 1978.  The translation from the Spanish word arboleda to English is wood grove.
I inherited this painting from my Uncle Edward when he passed away many years ago.  Uncle Edward was a well traveled gentlemen and I, from what I have been told, he purchased this on one of his adventures to Spain.  He also acquired other artwork by Mr Guerri that have been passed onto other family members.
It is my hope to capture the other paintings in a picture and post them here for others to see.  Mr. Guerri paintings are amazing and I think that the ones we have should be shared with others, and the WWW has made that easier to do.
If you have a painting by Mr Guerri and would like to share an image, please feel to use the contact form and I would be happy to post it here – all while keeping your information confidential.
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You may find some additional information about Mr Guerri here on the Gran Enciclopedia Argonesa site
Below are some scans of a pamphlet that I received with my painting.

Gimeno Guerri Photo

Gimeno Guerri Photo

scan0004 scan0002 scan0003