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Well, day 4 has begun for me here at Cisco Live 2010. My first class today is Keeping Your Sanity in a Virtual World with Nexus 1000v. This was an intermediate type class (2000 series) and was actually pretty good. It was not too technical (perfect for a first class after CCIE party) but just right if you want information and ammunition to move to the Nexus 1000v for a vm setup.
This press has some information that I will be sharing when I get back to the office and will try to push to the server guys. This solves the problems of who owns and controls the network in a vm setup. I am actually thinking about the appliance, Nexus 1010v, as that had a good overall solution for everyone. Not only that, but it also takes away the argument that the switch will take away server resources on the clusters.
See what happens, you never know. But regardless, i would love to pull out all the switches that we have for the vm network today.