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Well, the days continue to tick away here at Cisco Live 2010. 
Day 2 was rather uneventful to be honest, it is basically a day of classes and then the opening of World of Solutions (WoS).  World of solutions is where all the vendors get together and try to get you to listen to a sales pitch for perhaps some free trinkets.  At one time I would have listened just to get the free stuff, but I have learned over time that what you get is usually not worth the time.
The one nice thing about when WoS opens is that the Cisco store here opens as well.  The Cisco Store is nice as you have an opportunity to purchase Cisco Press books at a discount as well as trinkets that you can bring back to co-workers.  They also have shirts and other gear, so it all depends on what you are looking for.
Day 3 was the keynote from John Chambers, that is almost worth the price of admission itself.  John is a person that is very good in front of an audience, he knows how to get them engaged and walks around and does eye-to-eye communication with people.  He does not stay on stage and just speak, he engages.
During the keynote they always demo cutting edge technology, and this year was no different.  On Day 3 they announced the Cisco Cius – a tablet type computer for a connected world.  Here is a video to the ad and demo what was given at Live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEk2MI4ZGlQ&feature=related
The Cius is an android based tablet, so it is based on open standards and code.  This device has some great potential for education, home-office workers, as well as anyone who is a road-warrior as it is WiFi/3G/4G capable.
Also on Day 3 is the CCIE/DE NetVet reception with John Chambers.  This is an invitation only event open to Cisco Live NetVets who hold a valid CCIE/CCDE certification.  (A NetVet is a person who has attended as least 3 of the past 5 Cisco Live conferences. ) During this reception there is wonderful finger food as well as drinks in abundance.  What makes this event wonderful is that it is an open forum between the NetVets and John where anything can be asked.  There where may good questions asked from Partner relations with regards to Advanced Services; hardware lead-time issues; futures of the Certification Track (future CCIE tracks a well as perhaps something more advanced); to even the future of John’s role with Cisco. 
To end out Day 3 for those who have CCIE/CCDE certifications was a part at Rio at the VooDoo lounge.  Cisco reserved the lounge from 8pm to 11pm for the private party.  Food was wonderful, alcohol flowed, and mingling was great.  It is a chance to meet some of the more prestigious certification holders as well as see friends from last year that you sometimes do not get a chance to run across.