Well, the Nexus 7010 pair have been installed and are working like champs now.  It was a nightmare of an install, nothing like shoehorning a new technology switch to replace an old technology switch.  Even with planning, planning, and more planning we got bit by bugs, old design flaws, and just some ancillary problems that might have not been related to what we did – but are being blamed on it because they coincided.  The norm as we all know it.
I have received a copy of the TAC case notes and will digest the information over the next few days and post some of the mistakes that we made so that you do not make them in the future.
The first deployment is always the hardest and where you learn the most.  Stuff like this makes you either love what you do or hate it, but usually both at times 🙂  Still, I love what I do – the problems that I run into are a wonderful opportunity to learn.