Well I got the official notice today that I will be attending a Gestalt IT Tech Field Day event on February 10th and 11th in 2011 in San Jose, CA.  I feel honored as well as humbled to be invited to this event.  It is a great chance to meet new people, learn from their experiences, listen to their war stories, as well as the chance to see what the vendors have to say.
What is Tech Field Day, you ask?  Well – to explain it best I am going to quote it from Gestalt’s website:

This unique event brings together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders who have immense influence on the ways that products and companies are perceived and understood by the general public. The world of media has changed, with social media and blogging gaining special importance. Our Field Day is an opportunity for tech companies and independent writers to get to know each other. Ultimately, we hope to provide a forum for engagement, education, hands-on experience, and feedback. This event is run as a community service rather than a profit-motivated media business. In this way, costs are kept to a reasonable minimum, involvement is encouraged, and fun is part of everything we do.

Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day #5 is their first data center focused event this year and will be held in Silicon Valley.  ( Ahh, a warmer climate for a few days – especially when you compare it to the North East right now.  ).  I am very excited to see the line-up for this even, companies like Symantec, DataRobotics (cool – Drobo!), NetEx, and Inflblox are just some of the companies I will get to listen to and learn from as well as have the opportunity to ask questions.
You can learn more about the event at the following link:  Gestalt IT Tech Field Day #5 or for more general information: Gestalt IT Tech Field Day