Just a quick post on Drobo.
We visited them on Tech Field Day and heard about their offerings as well as touched their product. To be quite honest, I was very impressed with what I saw. I have been considering getting a Drobo for quite some time and finally pulled the trigger. The discount code BESTDEALEVER was too hard to pass up.
So, why am I telling you this? Simple, I will do a write-up that consists of my TFD5 experience with Drobo and my experience with an actual unit. Their product is top notch and deserves a justified write-up. Just writing based on my experience at TFD5 would not do their product justice. Being able to relate my experience at TFD as well as the setup and use of the unit is what it deserves.
Hoping that the order shows up quickly so I can get this post done (also want to play with the new toy 🙂 )
Tech Field Day Disclosure:
Drobo was a sponsor of Tech Field Day 5, and as such was responsible for a portion of my airfare and hotel accommodations. At no time did Drobo ask for nor were they promised any kind of consideration in this article. Any and all analysis and opinions are mine and mine alone.