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Well, today we can welcome the Cisco Nexus 7009 to the Nexus family.  It joins its big brothers the 7010 and 7018 as you can see below.

So, what does this new chassis give us over its bigger brothers?  Well for one thing, SPACE!  The Nexus 7009 is only 14RU compared to the 7010 at 21RU and the 7018 at 25RU. What does that actually mean, well if you look at a standard 6509 / 6509E chassis – they are 15RU.  This new Nexus 7009 is actually 1RU smaller, nice!  One of the biggest complaints with the Nexus is that it is difficult to install if you are replacing an existing 6509 chassis with one, the 7010 is bigger and – as we all know – space in a data center is very precious!

More to come on this switch as information becomes public.