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I figured I would take a few moments and blog about the different Nexus 7000 I/O modules families – the M1 and F1 (formerly D1).  It is my understanding that the M in M1 stands for Multifuction and the F in F1 stands for Fabric/FCOE (or fast, depending on who you ask) .  So, can you sense a car theme here with this line-up?  M1?  F1?  Well, it only gets better – read on!
(Update 8/7/2012) – Barry Reyes (Twitter) posted a picture on twitter about Formula 1 Racking and the Nexus line cards.  Below is that picture:

First lets start with the M1 line cards – the N7K-M108X2-12L, N7K-M132XP-12, N7K-M148GT/S, N7K-M148GT/S-11L, N7K-M102CF-22L and N7K-M106FQ-23L.  Some of the common features to all the M1 series of line cards is that they are L2/L3 capable, will support LISP as well as OTV.


The N7K-M108X2-12L is a 8-port 10G line card that uses the X2 series of GBICs.  The X2 GBICs that are supported include the SR, LR, LRM, ER, ZR, LX4 and the CX4.  This card was named after the Adelaide Street Circuit in South Australia.  Some of the specs of this card are:

Mac Entries 128K 128K
IPv4 Routes 128K 1M*
IPv6 Routes 64K 350K*
Netflow Entries 512K 512K
ACL 64K 128K
Ingress Queues 8q2t
Egress Queues 1p7q4t
* depending on prefix distribution




The N7K-M132XP-12 is a 32-port 10Gb Ethernet module that uses the SFP+ GBIC module. The SFP+ GBICs that are supported are the SR, LR, ER and H10GB, and Nexus 2000 FET.  This card was named Albert Park which is home to the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. Some of the specs of the card are:

Mac Entries 128K
Netflow Entries 512K
FIB Entries 128K
Ingress Queues 8q2t
Egress Queues 1p7q4t
* depending on prefix distribution



N7K-M148GS-11 (SFP)

N7K-M148GT-11 (Copper)

Now we can move onto the N7K-148GT and N7K-M148GS modules.  the M148GT is a 48-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet module with RJ45 connectors (copper) whereas the M148GS is a 48-port SFP optic modules.  SFPs supported are SX, LX/LH, ZX, 1000Base-T, CWDM, and DWDM.  The M148GT card was called Nurburgring after the famous motorsport complex in Germany; the M148GS was named Jarama after the race course in Madrid, Spain. The specs are:

Mac Entries 128K
Netflow Entries 512K
FIB Entries 128K
Ingress Queues 2q4t
Egress Queues 1p3q4t
* depending on prefix distribution



N7K-M102CF-22 and N7K-M106FQ-23 from Cisco Live 2011

The last two cards in the M1 series I have little information on right now as they have not been officially released yet.  They are the 100G line card – N7K-M102CF-22L and the 40G line card – N7K-M106FQ-23L.  From what I can tell ( this is just me talking here, remember that), the 100G line card is a 2-port 100G, 4-port 40G, and a 20 port 10G card.  Not sure how that will all work out, but by looking at the LEDs on the card, that is what you can read.  The 40G line card is a 6-port card and it looks like each port is 4x10G capable – guess it will all depend on the fiber installed.  The only internal names I can gather for both of these cards is Autodromo – a track located in Monza, Italy.
There are two more M1 cards that I am unable to find information on – they are N7K-M108XP and N7K-M116XP – both named after the Motogiro in Italy.  From what I can guess ( guess) these are SFP+ plus 10GB modules that are NON-BLOCKING.  The specs that I can find like the 108 with 80 Gbps fabric and the 116 with 160 Gbps of fabric.

Michael Schumacher driving a Formula One car

Now for the F1 line card – N7K-F132XP-15.


From what I can gather, there is only one F1 card available today – the F132XP and it uses SFP/SFP+ optic modules.  This module is built for speed – as well as for storage via FCoE and will also support Fabric Path ( Cisco’s version of TRILL ).  This card is know as Aida and was named after TI Circuit Aida in Okayama, Japan. Specs for this card are:

Mac Entries 256K
Ingress Queues* 4q4t and 2q2t
Egress Queues* 1p3q1t, 2p2q1t, 3p1q1t,
2p6q1t, 3p5q1t, and 1p7q1t
* Template Based

Some other racing names for this series?

Module Race Track
N7K-SUP1 Catalunya
N7K-M148GT04 Nurburgring
N7K-M132XP08 Albert Park
N7K-M148GS-11 Jarama
N7K-M108X2-12 Adelaide
N7K-M116XP-22L MotoGiro   (New cards?)
N7K-M108XP-22L MotoGiro   (New cards?)
N7K-M102CF-22L Autodromo
N7K-M106FQ-23L Autodromo
N7K-c70xx-Fab2 Dijon
N7K-c70xx-Fab1 Estoril