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Let me preface this post with a quick word – all the information presented here is pure speculation with a little bit of evidence to back up my speculation.  By no means is any of this a guarantee nor a near-time release for any of these modules.  This is me just presenting the information that I am able to find and sharing it with you.  Now, I am excited for some of this – and it definitely shows where the Nexus 7000 is going – so I hope that this type of information can help keep you informed on where this platform is going.  The future looks bright.

While I was doing the research on the track names for the Nexus line cards I came across a few things.  Things that we have all either assumed or have heard rumors of, but I guess now we know what is coming in the future for the Nexus 7000. First this is a listing for Silverstone – Supervisor 2 module, a little curious for sure.

The second thing that I came across was a bit more interesting to me – its a Service Module – N7K-SVC-APP-HW-1 – named after the Indian God, Agni.  What is curious is that Agni is a messenger from and to the other gods (modules), so it is aptly named.  I am guessing that this will be a 2-port module (Agni has 2-heads) similar to what the WS-X6582-2PA adapter is to the 6500. @matthewnorwood just also suggested perhaps this is an Application Load Balancer similar to the ACE30 on the Cat6k, I actually think that might be a more realistic option.(continued)

The modules that are listed are a Firewall Service Module named Osiris (the Lord of the two regions of Heaven and Hell)  with a part number of N7K-SVS-ASA-SM2, and by the name, one can assume that this will run ASA code.  The other module is the N7K-SVC-NAM-SM2, no name listed here besides Agni – so I am assuming that is the carrier name.

There are two other cards that have some interest – they are a 8-port 10Gbps and 2-port 40 Gbps WAN module – yes L3 modules.  These modules are named Deccan – and from what I can guess it is after the Deccan Plateau in India.

I am curious as to what drove the name from the racing heritage to more of one of culture – but it is nice to see they are creating themes and sticking to them.

Here is a chart that I was able to put together on these names:

Module Codename Description
N7K-SUP2 Silverstone Supervisor 2
N7K-SVC-APP-HW1 Agni N7K-SVC-APP-HW-1 – Service Module
N7K-SVC-ASA-SM2 Osiris N7K-SVC-ASA-SM2  Firewall Service Module
N7K-SVC-NAM-SM2 Agni N7K-SVC-NAM-SM2 Network Analysis Module
N7K-SWB08XP-22 Deccan N7K-SWB08XP-22 8 Port Ethernet 10Gbps WAN Module
N7K-SWB02FQ-22 Deccan N7K-SWB02FQ-22 2 Port Ethernet 40Gbps WAN Module
N7K-SVC-ASA-SM2-K7 Osiris N7K-SVC-ASA-SM2-K7 NPE Firewall Service Module

In case you are curious as to where all this information came from, I was browsing the MIBs again, just like I did for the Nexus 7006 🙂