Well, the time has come to start posting some of the Junos stuff that I have been working on.  What I have decided to do with this post is post the Hardware Information that I used for the lab.  I will then reference this post in the posts to come so that anyone can see what was used.  Below is a picture of the lab topology:

The hardware specs and base IP addresses are as follows:

R4 Cisco 831 router running IOS 12.4(25d)
Ethernet 0 connected to J1 – fe-0/0/7
J1 Juniper SRX210 running Junos 12.1R2.9
fe-0/0/7 connected to R4 E0 connected to J2 ge-0/0/0 connected to J3 fe-0/0/2
J2 Juniper SRX210 running Junos 12.1R2.9
ge-0/0/0 connected to J1 ge-0/0/0 connected to J3 fe-0/0/1
J3 Juniper SRX100 running Junos 12.12R2.9 —
fe-0/0/1 connected to J2 ge-0/0/1 connected to J1 fe-0/0/2