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Ok, I will admit I have been missing in action for too long.  Was starting to think of putting my face on that carton, but I will spare you that imagery.
The holidays are a busy time for me with family and such, so that is part of it. The other part of it is that I left my employer, NTT, in December after a year of being there.  It was my decision to leave, and I did it based on some internal factors that I would rather not mention.  I enjoyed working there and with the team that I was on.  There are some good people on that team that have a bright future!
So, where did I end up?  I took a position with Torrey Point – http://www.torreypoint.com/ – as a Network Engineer focusing in Post Sale deployments.  Something that I feel I am well suited for, as well as looking forward to the challenges that will be presented.  I have been with them since I left NTT in December, but have not had a chance to post anything here.
One really great thing with Torrey Point, I will get more hands on time with some Juniper equipment!  Love building my skills – and this is the perfect opportunity for me to do that.
Now that that is out of the way, look forward to some more Junos workbook posts in the coming week.  I did complete my JNCIA in December ’12 as well, and based on some of that study – I have made a few quick edits to the Junos workbook, and more around the J-Web interface post that I am working on.
Thank you and good luck in 2013!
Oh yea – See you at Cisco Live Orlando in June!!!