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Ok, time to get back into the Junos swing of things.  Up next is J-Web.

Here is a quick reminder of the topology that we are using for these labs.

Hardware Topology

Junos devices have a web interface called Jweb.  I am not going to cover using JWeb, but I will show you how to enable it and access it. 

For this lab I have enabled connectivity to J1 from my home network.


To enable J-Web on the device, issue the following command and commit it.


jfry@J1# set system services web-management http   



jfry@J1# commit and-quit

commit complete

Exiting configuration mode




Ok, time to see what this looks like.  From a web browser, enter the IP address of the router



And you will be presented with a login screen

Jweb login


You can go ahead and login as the user you created initially, for me that is jfry, and click the login button.



Once you are logged in, you will have a few tabs across the top of the screen, click on Dashboard for now.



You will now see a dashboard view of your device:



If you look at the Configure tab you will see configuration options on the left hand side of the screen.  From these you can configure interfaces, access, NAT, security, etc.  They are an easy way to manage the device if need be.



If we look at the monitor tab and select the interface (here fe-0/0/7) that connects us to R4, we can see we have some traffic being genterated.  ( I set off a bunch of 9000 byte pings )



Now on the Maintain tab there are some valuable functions as well.  They include Cofig Managmenet, Software, Licenses, Reboot, Snapshot and Files.



The Config Management tab will allow you to view and rollback changes:




Software package will allow you to Upload, Install, and even Downgrade code:



Under licenses you can manager, add, or update licenses:



Reboot will let you reboot or even schedule a reboot:



Snapshot will take a snapshot of the running system software to an alternate media:



Files will allow you to download and delete log files.



Finally the Troubleshoot tab has some basic tools for troubleshooting the device:



Feel free to explore the menus and options on your own device!