Ok, not new information but kind of new information to share.

Back in June during Cisco Live Orlando 2013 during the session BRKARC-2003 –  Cisco ASR9000 System Architecture there where some slides that discussed a couple new ASR9000 series routers, the ASR9904 and ASR9912.

The ASR9904 is supposed to be released in October ’13,  and that happens to also coincide with the rumored IOS-XR 5.1 release of code.  Well, to date only the ASR9912 has been announced ( http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps13288/index.html ), but with the recent release of the IOS-XR 5.1 Release Notes on Cisco’s website, the ASR9904 is listed there as can be seen in a snippet from that file:  ( the original pdf release notes can be found here http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/asr9000/software/asr9k_r5.1/general/release/notes/reln_510a9k.pdf )

If you want to view the whole presentation, you can shoot over to www.ciscolive365.com, register for free, and search for BRKARC-2003 from Orlando 2013 to view and download the presentation


When you look at the BRCARC-2003 presentation, there is the slide with the specs that they shared  and I have included that below for you reference.
(you can click on the picture for the full image)


Another curious note in the presentation is the hint of a future RSP module.  The current RSP-440 is good for 8×55 GBps as can be seen on the left in the slide below.  But if you look at the lower right hand corner, it indicates a future 14x55Gbps for 770Gbps. Hmm… guess this means that a new RSP module is due out sometime in the near future!  (you can click on the picture for the full image)


I just thought this information was interesting and wanted to share what I have found.