Back at Cisco Live 2013, there was some chatter around the Insieme deal and the potential to see a new switch from Cisco during the event.  I think even Greg over at EtherealMind was hoping for some more juicy Insieme announcements at Cisco Live as well ( see post – )Well, what we actuall got at Cisco Live was the Nexus 7700 switch and the Gold Cisco 6608 Catalyst Switches, not the hoped for Insieme switch.

Then today I saw that there an article posted over on NetworkWorld ( ) in regards to the Insieme Nexus 9K and Hardware Defined Networking that caught my attention. There is another article there – –  that has some output from a 9508 switch as well.

So, what does a person like me do –  hits the MIBS!  And guess what, I found some stuff in the MIBs! You can get the MIB from Cisco here –  Just in case, here is a link to the file I was able to D/L –  [removed]

Here is what I was able to find in the file around the rumored Nexus 9000 series:

So from this list we can see we have a Nexus 9508 Chassis with 8 slots chassis – and some, what…

ciscoN9Kc9508                       OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ciscoProducts 1915 } — Nexus 9500 series chassis with 8 slots

[This section was removed on request from Cisco – with cool conditions ]

Guess it is only a matter of time now.  Cannot wait to find out more!!

FryGuy’s ViewPoint

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I did just edited this post (10/3/2013 at 1PM) on request from Cisco and removed some information.  I was not coerced or forced to remove anything in this post, it was my choice.   I was very nicely and respectfully asked to in exchange for some future information at the appropriate time.  I think what they asked is fair and reasonable and what they offered is fair and reasonable in return.  The future information that has been offered will benefit everyone in the end with better, more detailed, and more accurate information.  That and I am a sucker for a cool t-shirt.