Ahh, restart –  reboot –  start again –  however you look at it, that is what I just did … again.
I am not one for changing companies, but this time I was left with few options.  You see, Torrey Point was acquired by another company back in November.  The acquisition was under friendly circumstances, but the onboard process that I experienced was not inviting to me.  Not sure if it was the new companies fault or some external factors that cause it, but regardless it left me feeling cold.
During the time of the acquisition negotiations I was contacted by Dimension Data and asked if I was interested in joining them.  Being that I used to work with Dimension Data when I was at the enterprise, I already knew a few people who worked there.  After a quick lunch with an old co-worker who works there (he is a VP) and some phone calls, an offer letter was extended to me and I accepted.


I have not felt this good about a company in a long time and I have every intention of sticking this one out.  I am working with a great group of guys, the company is vested in my future and training, and they are probably the largest Cisco Gold partner out there.  And YES, I will be at Cisco Live in San Francisco 🙂

Much of this is the reason for my quiet period over the past few months.  Now that is all behind us, it is time to get writing!

I just wanted to put this out there.