November was a busy month for me on the job front as well as personal vacation.  What also happened is that I was a paid Solar Winds Thwack Ambassador for the month (Nov 2013) as well and posted some fun and intersting items.
I wanted to take a moment and share them with you in case you did not get a chance to view them prior
My first post was Network Topology Horror Stories –
There are some great stories in this post, just wow sometimes!
The second post was Application Intelligence in the Network –
This post was right after the Cisco, Arista, and Juniper announcements in November.
Third was What Tips and Tricks do you have for Networking –
Some great ideas in this post, really worth checking out!
And my final post for the month was What Network Support and Troubleshooting Are in your Software Toolkit? –
Again, some great ideas and software tools to check out!
Check them out and share your information and stories if you like!