10. John Chambers Keynote

This year will mark John Chambers last Cisco Live Keynote as CEO of Cisco, ending his 20 year run in the position.  In case you may have missed the announcement, starting on July 26th, Chuck Robbins will take over as CEO.  This keynote will be John’s farewell and perhaps the welcoming of Chuck into that role.  I am looking forward to what this keynote will be, but whatever it is it should be memorable and a not-to-miss event.

9. Sessions

Sessions, sessions, sessions.  There are hundreds of sessions to choose from this year.  Have you made your selections yet –  no, then click here and get started!

8. DevNet Zone

DevNet Zone is a recent introduction at Cisco Live, but it is an important introduction.  It is a place where Developers can get together and share information, learn new topics, as well as show of what they know.  This is the place to learn about SDN and learn how you can use SDN in your position.  If you love programming, this is YOUR Cisco Live! Still not sure what DevNet is about, check out this video from Cisco Live Milan.


7. World of Solutions

World of Solutions is a sensory overload of swag, vendor information, sales pitches, more swag, and contests.  This is a place where you can go talk to vendors and find out about what they have to offer you.  It is a place to discovery new companies or reaffirm existing relationships.  Oh, and lots and lots of free swag!

6. Free Cisco Tests

With your Cisco Live registration you get one free Cisco test, provided you register for it before the event begins.  So if you have not registered yet, you are running out of time –  must register before June 6th! This is a great chance to recert for your CCIE or go take a test that you are afraid of – for free! Also, in the past they have offered on-site discounts if you want to take another test.  I have not seen any notification of that yet, but it may be offered again.

5. Social Media Streams

You on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channel?  If so, be sure to follow the Cisco Live stream there as the information will be pumping!  The last two Cisco Live events we have been able to get the #CLUS tag trending. That tells you how much information is being shared on the Internet of Things during this event!

4. Meet the Experts

Have a question for an expert or want to discuss a topic in greater depth?  Well, go ahead and schedule your “Meet the Expert” as soon as possible.  Here you will find a chance to talk to a Cisco Expert about product and project validation, solution and deployment options, strategy, as well as troubleshooting existing problems.  Great chance to talk to people you may not always be able to.

3. Mike Rowe Keynote

This year the closing keynote will be with Mike Rowe.  What more can I say about this, it is sure to be entertaining, fun, and well –  “Somebody’s gotta do it”

2. Customer Appreciation Event

This is the party of parties, a time to kick back and just have fun.  Lots of food and drink for all to enjoy, and what better way to spend a night then with Aerosmith providing the tunes.

1. Networking with peers

The the Number 1 think to look forward to, Networking with peers.   This is a chance to meet new people, make new friends, and come out of our shell.
Hope to see you soon!