Cisco Live is coming up fast, just over a week away as I write this.
So I figured I would share some quick updates with you as you prep for the trip.
Are you on Twitter?  If you are be sure to add yourself to the Cisco Live 2015 Twitter list at Tom’s Corner – err, The Networking Nerd.
Have you installed the Cisco Events App on your iPhone/iPad or your Android based device?  No, well you should as it has everything you need for Cisco Live 2015 (plus it is free!
So what is in this app?  Here are some quick screen shots with the highlights.
For me I have this under my Cisco Apps folder, but you will be looking for an Icon called Cisco Events.
2015-05-27 17.30.15

When you open the app, you will want to select the event you are attending. For me, that is Cisco Live San Diego 2015.
2015-05-27 17.30.25
Once you have selected that you can now access the information for CLUS.  That includes the surveys for your sessions (after you have attended them), maps, contacts, etc.
2015-05-27 17.30.35
If you click on My Event you will be taking to your Agenda, inbox, and My Session PDFs!
2015-05-27 17.30.55
Now back on the main screen if you select Maps you will be able to view a map of the area, but more importantly the lower right hand corner allows you to see the Floor-plan!
2015-05-27 17.32.03
Here you can see all the levels and even World of Solutions.  So if you want to plan you attack, err, stroll through the vendor swag, you are able to. That makes me wonder, what Car will Statseeker give away this year!  Last year it was a Mustang, year before I believe it was a Mini!
2015-05-27 17.32.07
I selected this map to show something important –  the Testing Center! It is always good to know where it is as there is enough stress with all the studying!
2015-05-27 17.32.39
Now for the other important thing –  the free WiFi!
As you can see, the SSID information is listed in the app as well.  The big question I now have is will they Capitalize Cisco Live or not.  Over the last few years I think it has always been ciscolive20xx all in lower case 🙂
2015-05-27 17.33.02
There is still time to register if you have not!