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This morning while looking at new blog posts I came across one that grabbed me.  For forever and a day the Cisco CCIE recertification policy was that you are required to take a CCIE/CCDE level written exam every two years to stay active.  Well, reading Daniel’s blog over at LostInTransit, it seems that has finally changed.
Seems today (6/6/17) Cisco has updated their recertification policy to also include a Continuing Education Program where you earn credits that will count towards recertification. This brings their recertification policy in line with other certification tracks (CISSP, CISA, ISC2, etc.).
Reading the Cisco Continuing Education Program site, it seems that the program is based on three principles – Flexibility, Diversity, and Integrity.  Flexibility means that there are now additionals ways for CCIE/CCDE to recertify besides the written exams.  Diversity is by allowing individuals to take approved courses and training, as well as Cisco Live offerings.  Integrity is based on having Cisco authorized providers to validate the class and credits that a person takes.
Here is a bulleted list of the information that I have been able to find:

  • Valid for CCIE Collab, R&S, DC, Security, SP, Wireless, and CCDE
    • Must have ACTIVE CCIE (if you are suspended, you need to pass a written first)
    • If you go inactive during the CEP program, you must pass a written
  • Starts today (June 6, 2017)
  • 100 Credits earned over 2 years and pay the CEP fee (currently $300)
  • Renewing CCIE this way will renew lower level certifications.
    • CEP program alone will not renew lower level certifications

Below are some important links for this program ( I shortened them to make it easier):

Continuing Education Program Portal
Sample Catalog of courses https://fryguy.me/CEPCat
Cisco CEP FAQ https://fryguy.me/CEPFAQ
CEP Registration Portal https://fryguy.me/CEPReg

If you are attending Cisco Live this year, here is a list of what credits you can earn per course. The original chart can be found at the Cisco Learning Network site. Update – The Cisco Live portion of the credits is very confusing – originally I thought you would earn 25 credits for attending, but that now seems incorrect.  A statement from the site says:

“There is no limit to the number of Cisco Live events that candidates can attend during their recertification period. However, candidates can acquire a maximum of 70 credits only for activities related to Cisco Live in any particular recertification cycle. You cannot get credits just for registering or attending Cisco Live”

Cisco Live CEP Credits per level
Session Type Level Credits per Session
Technical Breakout 1000 Level 1
2000 Level 2
3000 Level 3
4-Hour Technical Seminar 1000 Level 3
2000 Level 4
3000 Level 5
8-Hour Technical Seminar 1000 Level 6
2000 Level 8
3000 Level 10
4-Hour Instructor-Led Lab 1000 Level 3
2000 Level 4
3000 Level 5
8-Hour Instructor-Led Lab 1000 Level 6
2000 Level 8
3000 Level 10