It amazes me that in just a few more weeks it will be time for Cisco Live 2017 to begin in Las Vegas, NV.  If you are a CCIE / CCDE, you know that one of the highlights for us is the CCIE Party.  Some of the places that they have had the party at have been amazing – that beach in San Diego was just amazing!
I have not heard any solid information as of today (6/11) about the location of the part, just that there will be a party on the standard Tuesday evening.  So if you are still making plans for the week, just remember to keep Tuesday night open for this.
———————– UPDATE 6/14/17 ———————–
I just received my CCIE Party invite in my e-mail and have heard others have as well.  It is confirmed that the party is on Tuesday, 6/27 from 7 PM to 10 PM.  Shuttles will be picking us up at the Shark’s Reef Entrance (same place as last year) and taking us over to where the party is.  Return shuttles will run to Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and Cosmopolitan.
To enter the party you will need your Cisco Live Badge and proper government-issued photo ID for entry. So if you bring a guest (one guest per person allowed), make sure they have their badge and their ID.
See you at the party!
————————– END UPDATE ————————–

I was able to find a quick YouTube video from AngelaMTondini on YouTube that is nice to share.
So what about the CCIE/CCDE NetVet reception – that is a question I was wondering recently as well. After talking to some iMessage pals, one of them mentioned that the invite, instead of being in an e-mail, it was actually on your MY DASHBOARD page for CLUS.  The CCIE/CCDE NetVet reception will be on June 28th at 11:30A in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.
When you log in, on the right-hand side you should see the invite for the reception.  If you do not, please disable your pop-up blocker and refresh the page (thanks for that @Jody and @Hank). You can click on the invite for the location and what is required to attend (lanyard, etc).

That covers this quick update for CLUS, see you in a few week!