As many long time attendees know, Cisco Live back used to be called Networkers. It was a conference about networking with your peers and making new friends. Today this tradition lives on in the Social Media aspect of the event where we are able to meet people that we interact on-line with.

Whether that interaction is via forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Reddit, YouTube, etc – we all virtual friends in this industry that we follow or interact with on a regular basis. Conferences like this allow us the opportunity to meet those individuals in person and sometimes get a chance to know them a little better.

The main social gathering for Cisco Live tends to be around Twitter. If you are curious to know who from Twitter will be attending Cisco Live , Tom over at The Networking Nerd has you covered there as he is keeping a list. Be sure to go check it out and add your name if you are attending Cisco Live this year.

One of the first social events at Cisco Live is the annual arrival Tweetup. This year it is scheduled for Sunday, 9 June 2019 at 5:45 PM – 7:15 PM in the at the Social Media Hub. Just make sure you have your badge with you as it will be needed.

The Social Media Hub (SMH) will be located in the upper level of the San Diego Convention Center, thankfully not in the World of Solutions. If you have ever been to the SDCC you know the stairs that everyone runs up and down at for exercise, it is at the top of those. I doubt that those doors will be open, so you will need to enter through the main conference entrance and take the escalator/stairs up to the upper level.

To attend you do need to be an attendee with either an Explorer pass or better to attend and you will need to register for session SOCGEN-1000 when the scheduler opens up. Again, make sure you have your badge when you arrive to the event.

To celebrate the week of introverts being social, there is a closing Tweetup that is scheduled for Thursday, 13 June 2019 at 4:25P4:25 PM at he Cisco Live letters. The letters this year will be located on the Marina Lawn near the back of the convention center. Interesting side note, the header picture for this post was from the Marina Lawn when Mike Rowe was there!

Again, to attend the closing Tweetup you should sign up for SOCGEN-1001. And like the opening Tweetup, it is open to anyone with an Explorer pass or better.