Well, just to mix this up a bit – decided to post on my new favorite drink from Starbucks.  To be honest, the credit goes to Jennifer (@jenniferlucille on Twitter) for turning me onto this drink.
This year at Cisco Live 2010,  Jennifer told me to try a Dirty Chai the next time I was at Starbucks and I initially hesitated.  Took me about a month or so to finally order one – was in an airport and saw a Starbucks – and I have no idea why I waited so long.  They are sooooo good.
So, what is a Dirty Chai?  Simply a Chai Latte with a shot of Espresso added (many people recommend ordering it with Soy – I have yet to try that).  It is funny how many places have not heard of it, but I will tell you this – they learn quick after a few times.
Next time you are at a Starbucks, go for it – you will not regret it!